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QUILA – Play A While Monday Or Tuesday

Play A While Monday Or Tuesday Pedigree: The pedigree can also be seen at thewhippetarchives Quila is Bloodtracking Champion and have completed all kinds of training! Agility, obedience classes, whippetrace, lurecoursing and dogshowing are just a few mentioned. Unfortunately she was injured at her last race when she was about to get her LC license so...

Haley – Whippmix I`m On Fire

Whippmix I´m On Fire Pedigree: The pedigree can also be seen at TheWhippetArchives Haley is born june 19, 2015 ”Bruce Springsteen litter” 1 year 15 weeks 11 weeks 8 weeks 7 weeks 6 weeks Haley Sweetest Haley what a joy you are ♥ The year Haley arrived was an eventfull year ! We moved and got a baby of our own. Haley always...

STACIE – Bokellas Sabrinas Kadabra

Pedigree: Here is our lady... Puppystacie, a very cute one as you can see Here together with my angel Sandie Running was definatly her passion Screaming really loud at the race track But relaxing or sunbathing was her specialty... We miss you ♥

SANDIE – Whippmix Ursa Major

ORRIE – Whippmix Orion

AMIRA – Whippmix Lemon Pepper

CHERIE – Skogsgrottans Careér Claire

Pedigree:   Cherie and her second litter   Cherie was the kennels first whippet

VICKIE – Bokellas Poison

Bokellas Poison

SMULAN – Bokellas My Beefeater Lady

Bokellas My Beefeater Lady