Bruce Springsteen litter 2015


“Tyler”  Burnt Sienna Sandstone Quarry


“Caprin”  Whippmix Ring Of Fire


All puppies have their own home!


More info and pictures can be found at “News”

Here you can follow the journey in short


 8 weeks

1h Whippmix Thunder Road


6h Whippmix Dancing In The Dark


8h Whippmix Born To Run


18hWhippmix Glory Days


12h Whippmix I´m on Fire


15hWhippmix High Hopes

Now Lisa Winder at kennel Burnt Sienna visited and we´ve have taken a good look att all our pups, the result was a bunch of really good pictures and we had a great afternoon!

Daddy Tyler was here as well and got to run and show of in the garden ♥



7 veckor


Whippmix Thunder Road


Whippmix Born To Run


Whippmix Dancing In The Dark


Whippmix I`m On Fire


Whippmix High Hopes


Whippmix Glory Days

6 veckor

 All puppies have gotten their pedigree


Whippmix Thunder Road (Male 1)


11817174_875524389194234_3964049118845459337_n 11252163_875524082527598_5742251513795320972_n

Whippmix Born To Run (Male 2)


11813377_875524922527514_820969924400378650_n 11707585_875524669194206_5671235501313248634_n

Whippmix Dancing In The Dark (Male 3)



Whippmix I´m On Fire (Bitch 1)


11825930_875525725860767_2706440715981151525_n 10421133_875525619194111_6945306978771527707_n

Whippmix High Hopes (Bitch 2)


11012141_875525979194075_5819512664463007173_n 11204934_875525835860756_7825932182780919348_n

Whippmix Glory Days (Bitch 3)


Thanks Monika and Michaela for yet another great day with sweeeet pictures!!


5 weeks

3So nice to finally go outside and explore!


4 weeks

1 1b 2 2b

3 3b 4 4b 5 5b66b

The first stacking of the puppies, almost 4 weeks old!

Big thanks Michaela /Nota´s Crew and Monika  /Mc Tools


3 weeks


We now see, hear, and have begun to taste new food


2 weeks

0liten2Now we have started to open our eyes and soon we have really good hearing aswell.


1 week




Everyone is doing well and growing fast.

We already weigh twice as much!

On Midsummer’s Eve, we thought it was a perfect time to pop out !!
Caprin was only on day 58 when she showed clear signs that she was not supposed to keep us waiting any longer.

At 20:46 came the first puppy and then 3 more in the course of 1.5 hours. After that Cappi decided to take a break, a loooong break .. 11 hours later came the last 2 sweeties!

Everyone is doing well and they are lively small ones ♥ Caprin is doing a superb job as mom


2015-05-21 The ultrasound shows small heartbeats in Caprins belly ♥

unnamed unnamed 2

Jippiiiii !!!

If everything goes as planned Tyler & Caprin will be parents in the end of june


tylercappi (561x800)

  We plan for puppies this summer !!

April 22 Tyler & Caprin mated

Burnt Sienna Sandstone Quarry & Whippmix Ring Of Fire

We keep our fingers crossed that there will be puppies from this exciting combination !

Tc stam

The pedigrees can also be seen at thewhippetarchives


Whippmix Ring Of Fire
1419109734Our Caprin is a responsive and kind bitch with a clear “on and off” button, she goes “all in” outside and has a good hunting instinct, but is also the biggest “blanket and snuggeldog” here at home, she really enjoys life!
She has here own will but is very tolerant. Caprin has a clear language in showing us what she wants, unlike her mother, she does´nt use so much sound, instead she´s buffing and using her body to make us understand.

Caprin is showdogchampion and trackingchampion and she became a triplepricewinner in 2014 when she made her second flawless race in LC competition!



Burnt Sienna Sandstone Quarry
Tyler 1Wow.. our first meeting with Tyler felt soooo good!
Tyler is a male with a very good language and he was really a gentleman with Caprin, waiting and reading her feelings.
He was not overly courting her just “o come play with me” so Caprin could not resist and they rushed together at Lisa’s fields. How wonderful it was to see how they interacted and listened to each other ♥ I was really impressed by Tyler’s patience despite his young age, he’s just such a solid guy who fits our Caprin perfectly.
Tyler is a delight to watch and in 2014 he became the most winning male in swedish dogshows, with a growing track record!
A big thanks to his owner Lisa Winder who so warmly opened their home to us, it was great fun to meet the entire pack and see how nicely they coexisted in the “mess” of having a bitch in heat for a visit. I am really so happy that we could borrow Tyler and we eagerly await the results.