Ramones litter 2013

Briam & Quila became proud parents to 5 beautiful puppies april 10 

3 males & 2 bitches


Play A While Monday Or Tuesday      Åbrinkens Briam Apó Azzar

 Info about the parents – at the bottom of this page

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8 weeks


Whippmix Howling At The Moon


Whippmix Rockaway Beach


Whippmix I Believe In Miracles


Whippmix She´s A Sensation


Whippmix She´s The One


7 weeks


6 weeks


5 weeks


4 weeks




24 råtta2Råttan”



3 weeks


                                    Male nr 1 called “Pipen”


                                      Male nr 2 called “proppen”


                                      Male nr 3 called “Pajen”

  11 råttan4

                                  Bitch nr 1 called “Råttan”


                                    Bitch nr 2 called “Lusen”


Briam & Quilas puppies have arrived!

Early morning on april 10

3 males and 2 bitches were born



Play A While Monday Or Tuesday     Åbrinkens Briam Apó Azzar    

It was a succesful date!

Briam was the perfect gentleman and they looked wonderful together


After meeting Briam for the first time he completely won me over, he has a great temper and a relaxed way of beeing.

Seeing them together settled it all, I think that Briam will be a great “match”for our Quila.


Briam is a very nice male at the age of 8 years, he has a friendly temper like a whippet should have and is to his exterior a sleek male with fantastic movements. Briam already has had three litters and we were lucky to meet both his father Azzar and his son Otto when we were visiting.


Quila is a confident lady with the best mentality, she fits in wherever she goes and is always a great fun to be around. Quila is healty and was titled bloodtracking champion this year.


I´m really looking forward to this combination!

The pedigree can also be seen at TheWhippetArchives

Briam is owned by Elin Eklund

*Photos of Briam by Elin Eklund