Black Sabbath Litter 2016


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11 weeks and all puppies have new homes !

1 Mulen o Ultron text

Father & son



On friday “L” or Meeko, Whippmix Iron Man, went to his new home in Uddevalla. Great to have him so closeby ♥


Meeko Whippmix Iron Man




Saturday morning it was time for “JJ” or as his real name now is Ultron Whippmix Under The Sun`s turn to fly off. He will move home to his father Mulen and onkel Didrik ♥ Very exciting to see what Cathrin has planned for this boy.. He´s already been entered to his first dogshow i heard 🙂


Ultron Whippmix Under The Sun



Agneta sends lovely regards from Vilda, 11 weeks..


Vilda Whippmix Sabbra Cadabra

 (Photo: Agneta Lidhall)



10,5 weeks


Caprin has once again done a wonderful work with the pups but she got a lot of help from Haley, she fostered and played with them all the way ♥

It will be so empty when the all fly off ! 11

Now it´s only 2 boys left when  “Lillan” now called VILDA Whippmix Sabbra Cadabra has moved to aunt Smilla (Whippmix I Walk The Line) and Tintin in Kungälv.


Photo: Agneta Lidhall



9 weeks


Whippmix Paranoid



Whippmix The Wizard


1 JJ 9v

Whippmix Under The Sun


6 L

Whippmix Iron Man



Whippmix Changes


2 bitches moved last week..

9 10b

 Whippmix Tomorrow´s Dream  TESSLA (“Mo”)


T.h Whippmix Sweet Leaf  LEXIE (“Kossan”)

…and this week 3 boys will move to their new homes..

4 41

First to leave is Whippmix Paranoid MILO (“Mini M”)

and the day after Whippmix The Wizard THEO (“Ozzy”)


The last boy who leaves this week is Whippmix Changes  PIXEL (“Butler”)

Then they are only 3 left !!



8 weeks


How big you´ve grown now my sweeties!

Michaela (Nota´s Crew) where, as always, here to help stack and photograph the little ones♥

 7,5 w  on the pictures

6 Lllan Doris 8 v 7 Doris

Whippmix Sabbra Cadabra


10 Mo 8v13

Whippmix Tomorrow´s Dream


1 Ko Lexi 4 Lexi 8v

Whippmix Sweet Leaf


30Mini M 32MiniM

Whippmix Paranoid


20JJ 22JJ

Whippmix Under The Sun


15 Ozzy 16

Whippmix The Wizard


25L 27L

Whippmix Iron Man


35Butler2 36Butler

Whippmix Changes



7 weeks

Mulen, Cathrin Østertun and breeder Sara Munters, kennel Valanti, came for a visit. Sara stacked the puppies and Cathrin did the photowork 😀

It was so nice to see you again and we all agreed that we are very satisfied with this litter ♥

9jj 11jj

“JJ”  Whippmix Under The Sun


17butler 18-butler

“Butler”  Whippmix Changes


30l 32l

“L”  Whippmix Iron Man


4ozzy 5ozzy

“Ozzy”  Whippmix The Wizard



“Mini M”  Whippmix Paranoid


24mo 25mo

“Mo”  Whippmix Tomorrow´s Dream


27lillan 28

“Lillan”  Whippmix Sabbra Cadabra


1kossan 2kossan

“Kossan”  Whippmix Sweet Leaf



6 weeks


Outside for the first time and the enviromental training has started !



Stacked for the first time and they have gotten their own pedigree names !

24-mini-m 20-mini-m-5v

“Mini M”

Whippmix Paranoid


44-butler 40-butler-5v


Whippmix Changes


3ozzy 2-ozzy-5v


Whippmix The Wizard


12-jj 10-jj-5v


Whippmix Under The Sun


8l 7-l-5v


Whippmix Iron Man


18-mo 15-mo


Whippmix Tomorrow`s Dream


34-lillan 31-lillan-5v


Whippmix Sabbra Cadabra


39-kossan 36-kossan-5v


Whippmix Sweet Leaf



5 weeks


Exploring the house and playing with our packmembers…


Next week we are going to get our pictures taken, so called stacked pictures they say 🙂



4 weeks

Mom has a cool style hasn`t she…


Now at four weeks we have a bigger den to play in 🙂





3 weeks


We are starting to explore..




2 weeks

We are growing fast..




The puppies 1 week




Jipiiii they have finally arrived !!


One tired mom on the picture but she did a great job, 8 pups!

The delivery went very smoothly and it nerver cease to amaze me how talented the bitches are


Their nicknames are already in place 😉

We were delivered in this order…

( on the picture Hane means dog and Tik means bitch)

1mini-m-t 2-mo-t

3butler-t 4-lillan-t 5-ozzy-t

6-jj-t 7-kossant 8-l-t



Now we know for sure that Caprin is expecting


 Hopefully everything keeps going well so we can meet “little ones” in November 😀



It was a playful meeting between the two in Malung the 17-18 th september !!


Mulen and Caprin played for a long time at Cathrins home, it was so clear that they both liked each other.

Mulen is a fabulous male and he really listened to Caprin, he is a gentleman who gave away loads of kisses just as the princess likes it 😉


They look so great together  😍

We eagerly await to see Caprins stomach getting bigger..





This is what we are hope for 2016 !!

So far Caprin is not i season but she´s expected to start any day now. If everything then goes as planned we hope to have puppies in autumn. 😍

See their pedigree here: whippet.breedarchive

Mulen – Valanti Märk Hur Vår Skugga


Mulen is a small guy of 49 cm. He is a Lithuanian junior Champion, took CAC (2) in Lithuania and several CK both in Sweden and Norway. He is a very calm and sober-minded dog for his age. A cool-headed dog with confidence. When it´s free running outside he goes all in.🙂

As much as he likes to cuddle with the family on the sofa he likes to tuck himself into a bed and have some alonetime 🙂

Caprin – Whippmix Ring Of Fire


Caprin is Swedish show Champion, bloodtracking Champion and became a triple prize winner for the swedish whippetclub 2014 when she made her second flawless race on the Lure coursing track.

Our Caprin is a attentive bitch with a great “on and off” switch, that is, full action outside with a good hunting instinct but is also the biggest snuggle dog here at home, she always tucks herself under blankets and quilts and just enjoying life to the fullest !

She shore has her own will but adapts to almost everything, it´s always easy to bring her along. Caprin has a great language and is very good at showing what she wants.

I have heard so many great things about Mulen earlier and was completelt convinsed after talking to Sara at Kennel Valanti. He is just the kind of gentleman that our Caprin needs. Mentally absolutely wonderful, good size, interesting pedigree and very handsome !!

Now we keep our fingers crossed!