About us

My name is Catarina and I live in the coutryside with my family and our dogs in the westcoast of Sweden.

Animals have always been my big passion in life and my former job as an animalkeeper at Nordens Ark gave me many great experiences and it has been a  good influence in how I´m planning my breeding today.

My mother and sister started this kennel when I was little so dogs have always been a big part of my life. I bought my first whippet at the age of eleven and have had dogs ever since.

2010 I joined the kennel and have now brought it into the digital age.

The kennel was founded in the year of 1990 and our breeding policy is based on the idea that the development of pedigree dogs should be goal oriented, long-term and sustainable according to the rules of SKK

Our goal is to continue keeping the whippetbreed healthy and maitaining their good qualities such as beeing a positive, friendly, stable, versatile and adaptable dog with a beautiful exterior that is built for speed and work.

We belive in quality over quantity thus we only breed in a small familiar scale.

Here is our home !