LUCY – Whippmix she’s the one

Whippmix She´s The One


QB Stamtavla LUCY.jpg-for-web-large

The pedigree can also be seen at TheWhippetArchives

Lucy was born april 10, 2013

“Ramones litter”

She has so far completed a obedience course with great results

In 2014 she won first Place in Junkk with CK

Tracking Champion in 2016

and loves lure coursing


3 years


2 years


1 year


10 weeks

5 Lus.jpg-for-web-normal

9 weeks


7 weeks

8 Lucy 7v 2.jpg-for-web-normal6 weeks

1 Lus TWA.jpg-for-web-normal

24b.jpg-for-web-largeAnother one to clean…


What´s special about this litter is that all puppies are so social.

Lucy just loves people!

She also seems to have inherited her mothers skills in some areas…



Lusen… a happy little pup who pours her love all over you,

it´s going to be awesome to follow her in life



The world is quite big when you´re small


5c.jpg-for-web-normal-13832633375c (2).jpg-for-web-normal17 (2).jpg-for-web-normal

Tiny Lucy has from the start so naturaly been a part of our pack 




Lucy och Lexus

2 (3).jpg-for-web-normal9 (2).jpg-for-web-normalOur oldest lady finaly accepted the puppies

3 (4).jpg-for-web-normal

30 (3).JPG-for-web-normalBigsister Smilla enjoying “Lus”

5 (4).jpg-for-web-normal 6 (2).jpg-for-web-normal

Even our cat gave her approval 😉

9v (6).JPG-for-web-normal49b.jpg-for-web-normal40c.jpg-for-web-normalLucy och Charlie

52b.jpg-for-web-normal-13729363806b (2).jpg-for-web-normalTonic and Caprin having an audience

21.jpg-for-web-normal-13729364816v (10).jpg-for-web-normalGahh, I´m gonna get you!

28b.jpg-for-web-normal4b (2).jpg-for-web-normal100.jpg-for-web-normal38 (2).jpg-for-web-normal 30 (2).jpg-for-web-normal 28 cappi o Lucy.jpg-for-web-largeLucys biggest idol is and has been since the start, her bigsister Caprin ♥

34b (2).jpg-for-web-normal

32 (2).jpg-for-web-normal

23 (2).jpg-for-web-normal

50 Lucy.jpg-for-web-normal

15.jpg-for-web-normal-137293725630c (2).jpg-for-web-normal 51 (2).jpg-for-web-normal 61.jpg-for-web-normal 22.jpg-for-web-normal-1372937589 19.jpg-for-web-normal-1372937616 30c.jpg-for-web-normal 8b (2).jpg-for-web-normal 24 lus2.jpg-for-web-normalOur Little bug

8b.jpg-for-web-normal 33b.jpg-for-web-normal 34b.jpg-for-web-normal